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"A masterpiece of scholarship and synthesis that also reads like a thriller...It will remind readers of a cloak-and-dagger tale by John Le Carré."


 The Washington Post 

“With the pacing of a spy thriller… War of Shadows takes us to the brink of disaster as the Allies and Axis powers vie for control of the Middle East…. Gorenberg belongs to a unique cadre of journalist historians."

    —Sarah Wildman, author of Paper Love 

"A thrilling spy story"

—Efraim Halevy, former head of the Mossad intelligence agency

"Unlocks a central mystery that befuddled military historians for decades."

—National Review

"Gorenberg’s gimlet eye reveals a remarkably unheroic Rommel, unimaginative British generalship, know-it-all American leadership, and a delightful cast of colonial officials … unhappy Egyptian royalty, Arab nationalists, adventurers, and even two bumbling Nazi spies out of central casting." 

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)



Gershom Gorenberg is the author of War of Shadows: Code Breakers, Spies, and the Secret Struggle to Drive the Nazis from the Middle East. Based on documents that remained classified for decades, War of Shadows demolishes myths of World War II more

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